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Des petites histoire vraies de mes parisiens préférés…                                                       short true stories about my favorite Parisians…

This is a collection of people who have contributed to making my life in Paris meaningful. The definition of Parisian being, one who lives in Paris, no matter the duration of their stay. These are people I know well, less well, or not at all. What they have in common, besides their lives intersecting with mine, is the richness and inspiration they have added to my life in this city. They are a diverse bunch. Some French, many not. Some drawn here by similar dreams, originating in places far across the planet. Others are here because it’s home, or a convenient place from which to travel and work, or because once Paris has you, it’s hard to get away.

Sacha Guitry said you’re not born in Paris, you’re reborn in Paris. This has been true for me.  Moving here was like waking up in someone else’s life.  Reality is never the same as the dream, et tant mieux.

Danielle Voirin, photographer.


Also author of Dani’s Blog, and the photography at daniellevoirin.com.

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