Marais Men

Two workers on the rue Charlot.

Two workers on the rue Charlot.

I don’t remember what I looked like that day on rue Charlot, but I wasn’t feeling very good about myself, I do remember that. I was just walking along when I felt le regard of these two men across the street. When I saw the way they were looking at me, it was a bit awkward and so to break that up, I instinctively motioned with my camera, “can I take a photo of you?”

It was only later, when I looked at the photo, that I really saw them, their eyes, their smiles, and myself reflected. A reflection so different than the way I had been feeling. There were no words exchanged, no street harassment or power play. Just a couple of human beings smiling, seeming to appreciate the existence of the young woman across the street.

Their faces woke me up.

I thought, the person they think they see should have no reason to be down. So I borrowed their perspective to use as my own and continued the day lighter on my feet.